Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Just Keep Swimming

Russell is in Level 2 of his swim lessons now, and Meredith (since she was finished with dance) has started in Level 1.

Russell has a no-nonsense coach, which is exactly what he needs. We had to switch Russell to Maria after he wasn't making any progress with his first Level 2 coach - not her fault; she just didn't know how to motivate him. Now he is continuing to make progress, and is getting better at breast stroke and back stroke.

Meredith knew what to expect after watching Russell's lessons every week. Russell gave her some advice before her first lesson: "Listen to your coach. And don't sink. But if you do start to sink, do pizza arms." (Pizza arms is their word for the breast stroke arm movement.) She is a great listener and is happy to do what her coach asks.

Paige sits with me, eats a snack, walks up and down the legnth of the pool with me, and just generally does what toddlers do! But I'm hoping that all the exposure to the pool will make her excited to go in the summer.

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