Sunday, November 2, 2014

Pumpkin Patch

Wayyyyy behind in blogging - so I'm diving in, because I don't want to get further behind! Here goes:

On October 10, we visited a farm with some of our homeschool friends for a fun fall activity. It wasn't the same as the one we usually go to "back home" - definitely much more crowded than I expected, and colder! - but we had a good time. We'll probably find another one next year - live and learn! Anyway, the kids did enjoy seeing all the animals and petting and feeding the goats, and of course getting to go with their friends.

I'm honestly not sure whether Paige was crying about the leash or whether she was crying about goats - she didn't like either one!

I was there - see?! Moms never get in the picture :)

Our whole homeschool group (minus the 2 babies!)

The kids enjoyed a little hayride! (It had finally started to warm up from the 38 degree morning temp.)

Our kids don't ride the school bus, but they do ride the Cool Bus! ;)

And of course, I always have to get fall pumpkin patch pictures. I really like the way these turned out! The light was perfect, and the kids were cooperative!

Glad we got in our pumpkin patch trip - our fall tradition!

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