Friday, September 19, 2014

Zoo Field Trip

Homeschooling is still going strong! Today, we:
 woke up,
 had breakfast,
cleaned up (the kids have morning chores),
 got dressed,
did the day's handwriting lesson,
headed out for our zoo field trip,
ate lunch on the run,
went to Meredith's dance class,
Russell and I did his reading lesson during the girls' naps,
had friends over for pizza.

 I love the flexibility of homeschooling! (We did have a light academic day because it was a scheduled review day.)

Anyway, that was an aside - this post is all about our zoo trip!

We went to a free zoo about 30 minutes from our house with our friends Ayden and Laila (first graders) and their siblings and moms. It was really fun, and the weather was perfect!

Below: the kids were way too excited about the eagle and the zoo in general to look at me!

Paigey LOVES animals. Of all kinds. If she keeps this love, I would not at all be surprised if this is our future veterinarian.

Looking at the turkeys and goats:

In the reptile house - smiling so sweetly next to a huge snake!

Russell, Ayden, Laila:

Petting a snake!

There was a fabulous playground (actually, 3 playgrounds right beside each other) also! I couldn't believe it was free. This region is wacky. Why do we have to pay $2.75 per week for a yellow sticker to put on our garbage bags, but 2 zoos in a 30 minute radius are free? Weird! :)

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