Tuesday, November 11, 2014


We didn't do much of anything for Halloween this year, although we did Trick-or-Treat! Our church is very small (as in, 60 adult members) and doesn't have a "fall festival" or anything. On Halloween day, we had a small party with our homeschool group - which I have no pictures of, since I was trying to keep a curious toddler busy ;) - and at night, we went for a very short Trick-or-Treating walk in our neighborhood. Very short because it was about 30 degrees and insanely windy! Even with coats and hats everyone was cold! (It's just as well in my opinion; I'm not crazy about Halloween anyway!)

Anyway, our kids did have some cute costumes, which they picked themselves. Russell wanted to be Turbo the snail (from the Pixar movie), so we had to make that costume, as it's not readily available to buy:

Meredith wanted to be Tinkerbell - we were able to find that costume at a consignment sale (although it was a bit big) - score!

And Paige was our little ladybug (in a costume I found on clearance last year)! She liked the costume and especially liked holding her pumpkin bucket!

A few more pics:

The great thing about the weather, of course, is that we don't have too much candy hanging around, but the kids still got to have their fun!

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