Thursday, June 26, 2014

Weekend at “home” pt 3: Ella is 1!

It was wonderful that our trip coincided with our niece Ella’s first birthday party!

Jason drove a van full (us, Grandmother, Pops and Mimi) an hour and a half away for the lunchtime party. (We left Paige at Nanny’s with Paw Paw, Kacki, and Nanny – didn’t want her to miss her naptime. Also, the party was at a park, which does not mesh well with crawling and chewing on everything that’s on the ground.)



I love this picture of the birthday girl!



Big cousin, little cousin!


Ella had such a sweet smile on her face for the “happy birthday” song!


Grandparent shot – Ella figured out the cake thing pretty quickly!


Pink frosting girl with her Mimi!


Jon and Meghan took most of the gifts home to open, but Russell and Meredith really wanted to see Ella open the gift from Paw Paw and Kacki. Meredith was at the store when Kacki picked it out.


It was hot, hot, hot! So what do you do? Play in the ice water that holds the drinks! Meredith was being her little-mama self, trying to teach Ella how to play.


Grandmother, Russell, Mer:


Happy first birthday to Ella Grace! We loved spending time with you!

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