Thursday, June 26, 2014

Week at “home” pt 2: family, friends and…ER

Our family trips are always some kind of eventful. The big “event” during this trip happened to be an ER visit.

But first, we went and saw lots of family and friends!

I wish we had taken photos of everyone we saw and everywhere we went. But as those with small kids know, it’s not always easy to get out that camera! Here are some pictures I did get:

We ate dinner with Grandmother at Chick-Fil-A. One of the hardest things about moving was leaving Grandmother. She is so good to us and the kids miss playing at her house.


Our playgroup hosted a cook-out for us – the first half of which was totally wonderful!

Paige and Callie played in the Pack-n-Play:


Zack and Kathy recently had their backyard redone, and it is awesome. A swingset, a bike path, a giant chalkboard – a kid’s dream!



What would I do without my support system? These girls are gifts from God!


Jason picked up the tongs for the picture :)


All the kids before their picnic dinner:


And that’s the end of the happy pictures for that night. After dinner, I went inside with Meredith to take her to the bathroom. We had been in there a few minutes when I heard screaming – not unusual with young kids. But it was getting pretty loud, and my mommy ears were picking up that it was Russell’s scream. I went outside to find Jason holding him and all the adults looking ashen and nervous. Russell had blood down his back coming from the back of his head.

Jason and I drove him to the ER while the girls stayed with our friends.


He ended up having about a 2 inch long gash and getting 3 staples. He tells us that he was coming to ask me if there was a bike he could ride when he crashed with another kid who was on a bike – they didn’t see each other. Russell’s foot got caught under the bike and the back of his head hit the corner of the fence.

We are thankful he’s okay! Never a dull moment!

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