Friday, June 27, 2014

11 months old!

Paige is 11 months old!


Paige has really changed this month. To me, she is starting to act more like a 1-year-old and less like a baby.

She refuses jarred baby food now and will only eat table food or the squeeze food pouches. Table-food-wise, she likes almost everything we put in front of her!

She is still pulling up everywhere, cruising a little, and taking a few steps while holding someone’s hands. She is babbling more and pointing more.

Also, she has mostly traded in that cute and funny army crawl for a regular crawl – after becoming a stair-climbing expert, she decided a regular crawl is faster after all!


She is wearing size 12-18 months clothes. Her feet are wide, like her brother (and me and her Mimi), and now that I’m trying shoes on her, she doesn’t fit into all of Meredith’s old ones, because Meredith’s feet are skinnier, more like Jason. But I do think some of them will fit!

I think I can say this without jinxing myself: Paige is finally sleeping through the night, at least 75% of the time! (The other 25%, there is still 1 nighttime feeding.) Gosh, she took a while! Russell slept through the night by 9 months; Meredith by 6 months; Paige – about 10.5 months. Sleep is so easy to take for granted until you don’t get it!


Paige, sleeping or not, we love you! You are smiley and fun and easy-going. As Russell tells you, “You are a blessing!”

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