Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Valentine’s Day

Yes, this is about a month belated!

I dressed the kids in pink and red about a week prior to Valentine’s Day so I could get some pictures to send to our family, as I do every year. It is hard work getting 3 kids to look/smile for a picture! This was the best one (and completely unedited due to my computer issues):


We also gave the kids a couple little presents for Valentine’s Day. Both the big kids got a box of chocolate (which they loved). Russell got Chug (from Planes), Meredith got Mia (from Sofia the First), and Paige got some mesh eating/teether things. They all still love their presents!


Funny story: Russell looked at his box of candy and said, “Why does it have my name on it?” I hadn’t even realized I bought them Russell Stover’s!

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