Thursday, March 20, 2014

8 months old!

Paige is 8 months old!


She’s still wearing size 6-9 mo clothes and size 3 diapers. She’s gotten her 2nd bottom tooth – all of our kids have gotten those 2 bottom middle teeth first, and just a couple days apart from each other.

We’ve adjusted our grocery budget for big-city COL Smile and because of that, I’m now making all of Paige’s baby food. She’s gotten used to it! She’s had homemade carrot-banana, black bean-sweet potato, potatoes, green beans, peas, strawberry-pear, among others.

Paige eats 1 or 2 containers of food for breakfast and 1 or 2 for dinner. She is nursing 4-6 times per day. We are also supplementing her evening feeding with a 4 oz bottle of either breastmilk (pumped and frozen) or a formula/breastmilk combo.


Paige is waking up 1x per night to nurse still, for the most part. There have been 2 nights since we’ve moved here that she’s slept through the entire night - 12 hours. I’m hoping that becomes more regular soon! She is still taking her 2 naps per day.

Paige’s army crawling has really gotten fast! She is getting into everything now. {The kids are quick to tell her what’s “not hers” if she gets into their stuff. (We are working on that.)} If she sees something she really wants, she kind of gasps and squeals as she makes her way over to it – it’s so cute! She is also working on real crawling; she often rocks on all fours and tries to take a little crawling step.

Paige loves to be heard! She yells and squeals (happily), babbles “dadada” “baba” “gaga” and imitates many noises she hears. She is often quiet when she’s observing something new or focusing on something (much like her mama!)


Happy 8 months, baby girl!

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