Friday, January 17, 2014

Monster Jam 2014

The boys went to Monster Jam again this year! Russell was soooo excited. This year, they didn’t get the pre-show passes and just went to watch the big show – still, a little boy’s dream!

I didn’t get a lot out of them, but here’s what I know: Jason’s favorite was Monster Mutt, who is apparently the hometown guy around here. We actually have a Monster Mutt, and a Gravedigger (who was Russell’s favorite last year), and Russell brought those with him to the show. Russell has a new favorite after seeing the show: Shock Wave. From what I gather, Russell likes him because he has a cheeseburger painted on the side – haha!

Jason’s Instagram pictures:

My favorite guys!


This was when Gravedigger appeared in the coliseum – serious stuff. (Russell was holding up his Gravedigger.)


I think Russell has asked for a Shock Wave every day since. Haven’t had a chance to look yet, but we will get him one eventually!

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