Friday, January 17, 2014

A Fancy Tea Party and a Country Club Lunch

Meredith is very into princess Sofia (as is probably obvious by her Halloween costume and Christmas presents this year). Princess Sofia has tea parties. Meredith has always loved a pretend tea party herself, so I wanted to try her at a real English-style tea. There is a nice hotel here that serves tea every afternoon by reservation only. I told Meredith that we were going to a “fancy tea party” and she was so excited! Mimi and Aunt Meghan were in town, so they and Grandmother joined us.

I do think Meredith likes the idea of a fancy tea party more than the actual thing at this age Winking smile It was still fun though.


Meredith ordered the child’s tea: hot chocolate, PB&J, a scone, some fruit, and a couple sweets. Before it came, she stirred some pretend tea.



Trying a spoonful of my peach and ginger tea – she said she liked it!


Feeding a lemon to Mia the bird. (Mia is Sofia’s bird in the show. Mia has now become one of Meredith’s favorite possessions – of course, it has to be something small and easily misplaced!)


Meredith was pretty restless at the beginning. She settled down for a bit in the middle, but near the end was saying, “I’m ready to go home now.” She says she enjoyed it, but we probably won’t attempt another grown-up tea for a while!

Grandmother’s birthday was Monday, so after church on Sunday, we met her and my parents (who were still in town) at her country club for brunch. It is always lovely. The kids were all really good.


Paige was really ready for a nap – hence the thumb in the mouth!


Meredith insisted on spreading her own jelly on her Belgian waffle. Big globs of jelly also went straight into her mouth. It kept her entertained for a while!


Birthday girl!


Everyone shared her pie – lots of sweet teeth in our family!



I just love my grandmother! She is (usually unintentionally) hilarious, and very good-natured. Her motto is, “Everyone needs a friend, so be one.” (It is seriously her motto; she had it written in her college yearbook.) She really lives up to it, too. It was so nice to celebrate her!




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