Monday, January 6, 2014

Family Christmas Dinner

The Christmas dinner at Jason’s Uncle Rick’s house is something we always try to go to. It’s with Jason’s dad’s side of the family, and it’s mainly just a time to eat and visit. The kids were happy to open more presents from their great-aunts and uncles and great-grandmother. (Paige was napping for a good portion of the time I was taking pictures, which is why she’s not in many.)



Below is Jason’s dad’s sister and some of her family. Aunt Kim has babysat the kids several times and is so helpful and sweet with them!





And we managed to get a family picture on Christmas! With 3 young kids, someone is always on the verge of a breakdown in family pictures – this time it was Paige – but I insist on pictures anyway!


And 12 days later, I’m finally done blogging about Christmas! Smile

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