Monday, December 2, 2013


We had a wonderful family Thanksgiving! How could we not be grateful for all God has done – and is currently doing – for us?

We celebrated Thanksgiving at Paw Paw and Kacki’s house, and my parents and Jon, Meghan, and Ella came also. We are blessed that our families get along so well and get to see each other often. Apparently most in-laws only see each other at the wedding; our parents see each other every few months. Jon and Meghan even visit Mike and Kathy when we aren’t there – I love that!

Anyway, these three little turkeys had a great time last week. This is what they wore on Thanksgiving day. We were about to go to Jason’s aunt Nancy’s house to visit when I took this picture.


Jason’s aunt and uncle were hosting Jason’s cousins for Thanksgiving, so we got to crash their party for a while! Uncle Bart loves babies – he held Paige for quite a while!


Russell is such a boy. As you can see below, he was climbing on and jumping off of just about everything in the house. I finally had to ask Jason to take him outside and burn off some energy. (The girls – Anna, Renee, and Meredith – were quietly snacking and making a turkey craft. Russell would have none of it!)


We came back to Paw Paw and Kacki’s house for Meredith’s nap. Everyone came over around 4 for dinner.



I should have gotten a picture of just Ella – she is 5 months old and amazing! Already sitting on her own and crawling; a true genius! (I feel like it’s not wrong of me to brag since I’m her aunt, not her parent – right?) Smile


After the kids went to sleep, we played games – so fun! My family loves to play games and so does Kathy, but she usually can’t get Jason and Mike to play with her, so I’m pretty sure she was in heaven Smile


On Friday we went over to Jon and Meghan’s house for a bit. This was Paige’s first time in an exersaucer – she really enjoyed it! (So did Meredith!)




The kids were so happy to see Bogie. Russell told me, “He’s not Pops and Mimi’s dog. He’s our family dog.”



We had a nice weekend of visiting. Bring on Christmas!

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