Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Christmas Tree and Happy Birthday Jesus

The Monday after we came back from our Thanksgiving travels, we went to pick out a Christmas tree!

For the past 3 years, we have gone to the same Christmas tree sellers, who sell cut trees in front of a little church. There’s nothing to it but the kids still enjoy it.

(Our tree was behind me and to the left.)


The kids really enjoyed “trimming the tree” this year! (Not decorating – they insisted on calling it “trimming.” I think it was in one of their Christmas shows we have.)


They were so proud of themselves! There are multiple ornaments on several low branches, and most ornaments are on the bottom half of the tree, but look at those smiles. Smile


Secondly: Recently, I took Meredith to our church’s birthday party for Jesus. I had planned to take the other kids too, but Russell had a fever so he stayed home with Jason, and it was just easier to leave Paige at home also. I think Meredith enjoyed the one-on-one time – she is such a mommy’s girl.

Ready to go!


After hearing the Christmas story, the kids got to experience several different craft centers. Meredith wanted to write a thank you note to Jesus first. She instructed me to write “Dear Jesus, Thank you for my mommy and kitty cats.” If you throw in princesses (and potentially baby Charlie), that would basically sum up Meredith’s favorite things!


Other crafts included gluing a nativity scene together, a play-doh station, and dress up. And then the big attraction for all the kids: the birthday cake!


We are making the most of all of our favorite Christmas traditions!

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