Saturday, April 13, 2013

Meredith’s Princess Birthday Party!

I cannot believe Meredith is turning 2 on Monday. I mean, yes, she does all the things 2 year olds do, but wasn’t she just born?

Well, anyway, we decided to do things a little differently this year for birthday parties. I am getting really burnt out on having the huge party with all the food and the big crowd and all the planning and cleaning and decorating. So, for Meredith this year we had a small friends’ party today with snacks and a fairy godmother who visited and entertained the kids, and next weekend we’ll have a very low-key family gathering. Jason and I really like the way today’s party turned out – the biggest reason being that we weren’t stressed!

Meredith is very into princesses, so we went with a princess theme, even though some boys were there too. (I don’t think they minded or even noticed!)


This sign was on the door to greet guests:



Favors for the kids – cups and reusable princess and knight stickers (if you were here, let me know if you didn’t get them since we have some left over!):




The kids had a brief moment to play and enjoy some snacks…



…and then the fairy godmother showed up!


All the kids enjoyed her, but Russell was SO into it. He insisted on sitting right next to her and was constantly asking, “can I see?” and laughing hysterically at all her little jokes. It was so cute. Meredith and most of the other kids took a few minutes to warm up, but after a few minutes everyone was laughing. She really kept them engaged for a whole hour.


She made everyone a balloon animal. Some kids chose giraffes, dinosaurs, mice, and bunnies. Meredith and Russell both chose puppies.


In the other hand, Meredith is holding her little present from the fairy godmother: a glass slipper. Perfect for the girl who loves both shoes and Cinderella!


She brought out several puppets for the kids to interact with:


And everyone got a glitter painting on their arms! Meredith wanted a purple kitty and Russell – of course – wanted a red and green car.


At the end, everyone got a magic ring. They each picked a ring, and she held her musical wand over it to put the magic in. (Russell went back again to ask for a little extra magic in his!)


Photo ops before leaving:



After she left, we had cupcakes and a little more snack.



Sweet birthday girl licked off every bit of icing and I don’t think she ate a bite of the cake!

What a great party! Happy birthday Meredith! We are so very blessed by you and love you so so much!

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