Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter!

What a great day to celebrate the risen Savior! We had an awesome service at church and hope you did too.

Since we went to the late service, we had some time in the morning to look at the new Easter toys! The kids got few presents in their baskets - Play-Doh, sidewalk chalk, a little candy, a CD of Bible songs, and some window clings (Meredith loves those things):

But they also got a big present: a kitchen for their playroom! (Normally I would not get them such a big Easter present, but it was an awesome deal! Also, excuse the pantsless boy - he prefers not to wear pants to bed.)

We have one Easter tradition that we managed to do this season: Resurrection Eggs.  These are Easter eggs that have an item and a verse of the Easter story in each egg, starting 12 days before Easter. We made our own set. The kids loved them this year. I don't have a picture, but still wanted it jotted down for memory.

We took a few quick pictures before church today and this is the best we could do given the time we had:



We also had Grandmother, Paw Paw and Kacki over for a nice Easter lunch. What a great day we had!

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