Monday, March 25, 2013

2013 FOG Egg Hunt

Our Sunday School, FOG (Families on the Grow) holds an annual Easter egg hunt.  It’s one of the best activities for the kids because, well, of course there are the eggs with candy, and also a potluck afterward – so basically there’s a lot of good food!  I think there were maybe 20 families there this year (although I’m not good at guessing those types of things). 


We always do the egg hunt right when the event begins, because the eggs are already laid out and it’s a little hard to keep the kids away!  The under 2s hunted in the front yard while the 2-5 year olds hunted in the back yard. 

I hung out with Meredith in the front yard.  She had a clear advantage as most of the other kids in the front were crawlers or new walkers, but I thought she would get run over in the back yard so I still think the younger hunt was a good thing for her – although I had to stop her after several minutes so she wouldn’t take all the eggs!

Jason went with Russell in the back yard.  Both of our kids loved the Easter egg hunt and did a great job (not that they were really hidden – just laying in the grass : ))




Our friends Harrison and Jacob were with us in the front yard.




Sitting behind their loot! (This is the best I could get of the 2 of them – they were so ready to eat their candy.)


Jason doled out the candy = happy kids!


While waiting for dinner, Meredith, Russell, and Lily swung on the porch swing.  He is totally hamming it up for the camera and the girls obviously think he’s crazy – this photo makes me laugh!


For us, the rest of the party was a bit exhausting.  Meredith was tired and cranky and Russell was okay for the most part but had to go to time-out twice – oh well, that’s the reality of doing anything with 2 kids!  (Bring on the 3rd, right?! : ))

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