Thursday, April 18, 2013

27 Weeks!

Well, I thought I should do an update on our sweet third baby! Here’s a photo of me before church on Sunday at 27w1d:


Our little girl’s name will be

Paige Emily

Jason and I both love the name Paige. It’s a little more common/popular now than either Russell or Meredith are, but still not in the top 100 names, which is our cutoff. (I know, maybe we have some odd criteria, but it’s important to us!) And of course Emily is Russell’s contribution. I think one day Paige will think it’s sweet that her brother picked her middle name.

In pregnancy news: I failed my 1 hour glucose test last week, so I had to have the 3 hour test today. YUCK. I had to fast from midnight last night until after the test was over today around noon, drink that awful sugar drink again (I have determined that the orange is much better than the fruit punch), and have 4 blood draws. I really hope and pray that everything will turn out fine!

I definitely feel this baby girl kicking and squirming around in there. She must be in a diagonal position – it feels like her feet are near my right ribs and her hands are near my left hip. We have started working on getting some things ready for her: we have taken some baby girl clothes out of the attic (although somehow I have lost a bunch of them!), and moved a few things around to make a little room for her. I also made a new and bigger hair bow hanger – priorities! Smile


A couple notes about Russell and Meredith, who are both very excited about “baby Paige:”

Russell loves to come up to me and hug and kiss my belly, or tickle it and tell me he’s tickling baby Paige – so sweet!

Meredith tells me that every pregnant woman has a baby Paige in her belly – and also, occasionally she will tell me “I have a baby Paige in my belly” Smile

We are all excited about this precious girl!

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