Thursday, December 27, 2012

Merry Christmas!

As usual, the kids woke up at the crack of 7:30 (I love how they sleep in – for little ones, anyway!)  When Jason was ready with the video camera, we all went to the living room.  The kids made a beeline for Van, our Elf on the Shelf (short for Minivan – named by guess who)!  They have loved looking for him every morning, and Meredith saw him as soon as we walked in the living room.  She was so excited Smile  Once we got past Van, we looked around at the unwrapped big presents and opened stockings.


Mmm, lollipops!


Their favorite present – a free, hand-me-down firetruck.  They LOVE it and fight over it.


Rapping Winking smile


Meredith got lots of jewelry and pretend makeup, along with a princess throne.  She could be seen all day putting on jewelry and “lipstick” and pretending to paint her nails.


Paw Paw and Kacki came over at around 11:30 and there were more presents – including cars, of course!


Meredith loves this Lady (from Lady and the Tramp) from Paw Paw and Kacki.


Grandmother came over at noon and we ate a Christmas lunch – yum!


Later in the evening, we got ready to visit Jason’s extended family.  The kids got dressed in some of their new clothes – look how cute Smile


Some of the crowd at Uncle Rick’s house:


The kids were excited to get many more presents!  Meredith loved this baby and stroller.  She strolled the baby all around the house and would occasionally pick her up, pat her back and say “hold the baby.” 


Merry Christmas from our family!


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