Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Christmas Party

Our little preschool co-op had a Christmas party yesterday.  I tried to get a photo of the kids in front of our tree before we left the house – this one is not too bad Smile


We had a few activities planned for the Christmas party.  One of the ladies has a flannel/felt board with tons of Bible characters – it is really neat!  So we sat the kids in a circle (sort of) for them to listen to the story of Jesus’ birth.  (We realized why we normally have the younger ones in a separate room – they really were a distraction!  Hopefully all of them learned something! Also, you can see Meredith was the only girl on Monday!)



Then came my kids’ favorite part: the cupcakes!  We sang happy birthday to Jesus and each child chose a cupcake.  The older ones are beginning to eat a little neater.  One of the little ones somehow sat in a puddle of icing!

Big kids:


In between, of course, was play time.  The kids also made a craft (a fingerprint wreath).  Then, like every year, we had a book exchange.  This was the first year that the big kids received paper books rather than board books, as they prefer those now.  Russell and Meredith both love Russell’s new book – stories about Curious George!  We haven’t read through Meredith’s book much yet (about animals) but I’m sure we will.


I’m thankful for this group and I know the kids are too!  We love this party every year.

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