Sunday, October 28, 2012

Halloween Party

We have missed the annual playgroup Halloween party for the last 2 years because someone was sick, so I was very surprised that no one was sick this year and we could actually go!

Here they are – Tinkerbell and the knight!  (They each got to hold a leaf in order to cooperate for this picture!)


Russell loved dressing up.  Although I suppose we should have just given him some sort of car costume because he decided he is a “knight car!”  On the other end of the spectrum, I barely convinced Meredith to wear this costume.  It first involved lots of tears and “off, off!”  We convinced her by practically jumping up and down, clapping and “BUT YOU LOOK LIKE A PRINCESS!  A FAIRY PRINCESS!” etc.


We made it to the party without further incident.  There was lots of fun and play time at the K family’s house! 





Snack time is always their favorite time.



Top to bottom, L to R: Minnie Mouse Eliza, fireman Cole, butterfly Lily, Tinkerbell Meredith, knight Russell, butterfly catcher Harrison, pirate Jacob.  Chase had had enough of the photos.  (And 1 child out of 7 is looking at me Smile)


Thanks for always hosting, Sarah.  I love having these types of traditions for our children.

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