Saturday, October 20, 2012

18 months!

Meredith is 18 months old!


  • Weight: 23 lbs (48th percentile)
  • Height: 25 in (52nd percentile)
  • Wearing 18 mo – 24 mo clothes, size 5 shoes, size 4 diapers
  • Favorite foods: yogurt-covered raisins, cheese, any kind of fruit.  She is a really good eater.  Doesn’t care much for any kind of bread/muffins.
  • Favorite books: Follow the Rainbow (which is a book about the Disney princesses), What Makes Elmo Happy?, Princess Baby, Night Night
  • Favorite toys: plastic jewelry, stuffed animals, my iPhone apps


  • Meredith loves Elmo.  The rest of Sesame Street is just okay.
  • Meredith is 18 months going on 3.  She thinks she can do anything Russell can.  If he climbs up a playground structure, I have to help her pretend to climb it.  She has little if any fear.
  • She is definitely in that tantrum stage.  Russell threw some fits, but hers are the arched-back, slide-to-the-floor, scream-for-30-minutes, nothing-can-distract-them variety.  It’s…interesting.
  • Talking up a storm!  I love when kids can talk and tell you what they want!  She is putting at least 2 words together.  “More please” and “there’s Russell” and unfortunately, “no, mine!” are examples. When I don’t understand, it can be a tantrum-starter!
  • Can count to 10! I know I’m the mama and I try not to brag to people, but this is my blog so I’ll brag here!  I think it’s amazing that she can count to 10 at 18 months old!  (Maybe it’s not that amazing, but don’t try to tell me any different!) She knows several shapes: circle, square, heart, star at least.  I don’t think she understands colors because she says everything is blue Smile  She is working on understanding letters.  I’m not pushing any of this on her, but she insists on doing anything school-related that I do with Russell, so that’s that.


We love you, Meredith, and you are so precious to our family!

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  1. We love having her at church! (and kitty, too) We have a new Elmo ball in the nursery that she wants to love so much. It is a soft stuffed ball, but when you press the nose it shakes and Elmo talks. She brings it to us over and over to turn on, but runs away scared every time it starts :) Such a sweet girl. We are blessed to spend time with her!