Sunday, September 23, 2012

Beach Trip: Sandy Toes

We were at the beach with Paw Paw and Kacki for almost a week – Tuesday through today (Sunday).  We had such a fun and even relaxing time!  We have gone in September for several years now, and love it because there are less crowds but the weather is still so nice. 

We skipped this annual trip last year, and I’m still glad we did.  Meredith was at prime “sleep-training” time and both kids were bad car riders.  What a difference that year has made!  Both kids slept well on this trip (although Meredith did have a harder time napping), and the ride, while still stressful, is definitely getting better.

I’m definitely splitting this trip into several posts.  This first one is mostly about beach time!

We arrived on Tuesday at about nap time, but still took the kids straight to the beach.  They were so excited.  Meredith loved all of it right away.

Mer’s first feel of sand and ocean!



Russell had what I would call a healthy fear of the ocean.  When we first got out there, he ran back and forth nervously at the edge of the water, and said “Mommy, what’s going to happen?”  He thought the waves were going to “mush” him (his words).  But he eventually warmed up a bit.  We showed him that the ocean was fun, although we also made sure he knew he was right, it can be a bit scary.  Healthy fear is not a bad thing!





Pics from another beach day – this was the first trip that we’ve brought any sand toys to the beach.  (After all, the last time we came, Russell was still crawling!)  The kids took advantage!





Russell really liked piling sand on Kacki’s legs.  She was a good sport about it!


Meredith enjoyed when someone would fill a bucket with salt water for her to play in.



Sunset walk with my love!


We had a lot of time on the beach, but we also had some fun in the house and out and about!  Pics of that coming in the next posts.

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