Monday, September 24, 2012

Beach Trip: House, Out and About

We always stay at the same beach.  It’s the one both Jason and I grew up going to.  My grandmother used to have a condo there, Jason and I got engaged there – lots of family history.  We all agreed that the house we stayed in this year was tied for the best that we’ve rented.  It was waterfront (the only way to be), newly remodeled, and had a great deck that was partially shaded. 

Uncle Jon and his girlfriend Meghan joined us for the weekend and stayed in the house with us.  So nice to get some time with them!  We moved Russell into our room when they came (Meredith still had her own room; in my opinion, she’s not at the point where she can share a room and everyone still sleep), and we all had plenty of room.

The kids had some fun in the house in addition to out on the beach.


Mer tried out Russell’s crocs – cute!



Is there any better place on Earth to do your Bible study than the beach?



Fun on the deck (and Art and M.E. joined us for an afternoon!)




Breakfast at Mike’s – something Jason’s family introduced me to.  So good.  Meredith’s “child’s pancake” was seriously bigger than my head.  I wish I had thought to get a picture before she had eaten so much of it.



Last “out and about” – the aquarium!  Russell enjoyed it, Meredith didn’t really care.  I thought she’d like it because she generally loves animals (fish included), but she kind of just tolerated it.  Russell said his favorite part was “seeing the fish and sharks.”



This family picture was hard work – but I love it!


(If you think this was a lot of pictures, just think, it was cut down from 300+ originally!  One more post coming later Smile)

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