Friday, July 27, 2012


This year was Russell’s first Vacation Bible School!  I was so glad he was old enough to attend.  I liked VBS as a child (especially the singing)!  Our church had VBS Monday through Thursday from 9 – noon, and then today there was a family celebration at night. 

The theme was Babylon: Daniel’s Courage in Captivity.


I decided to volunteer on Monday and Wednesday.  The minimum participation age was 3, but they had a nursery for volunteers, so that’s where Meredith went on those days.  I didn’t know if she could handle being there for so long every day, which is why I only volunteered a couple days.  It worked well.

I really enjoyed my volunteering.  I worked in the “Babylon Marketplace,” aka the gym.  The kids went to different areas of the church at different times.  In the marketplace, they gave each shopkeeper a coin and we taught them a craft.  On Monday, I taught them how to make coffee filter flowers for our version of the hanging gardens of Babylon.  On Wednesday, I taught them how to write cuneiform in playdough.  The kids were really good and seemed to really enjoy it.

The marketplace:


The nursery workers said Meredith did very well in the nursery.  I caught her having some fun with a new friend!


I didn’t have the opportunity to get any photos of Russell with his class or doing any activities, because I was either volunteering in the marketplace or not at church, but I know he enjoyed his first VBS.  He had a few friends in his group, and I knew both of his adult leaders.  All of his leaders/teachers, at one point or another, told me how good he was and what a pleasure he was to have in their group.  Made me so happy! 

{I was hoping to get some photos at the end celebration tonight, but of course, I ended up having to take Meredith to the doctor instead.  She has a bug bite on her ear that may be infected, poor thing, so she is on an antibiotic now.  It’s always something.}

Glad we had our first VBS experience!  Can’t wait until next year!

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