Monday, July 16, 2012

Paw Paw and Kacki’s

It had been too long since we had been to Paw Paw and Kacki’s house, so we went this past weekend.  We went to a couple parks, but mainly just stayed at their house.  The kids loved it – all new things to explore!

Russell loves Jack the horse (named by Jason when he was around Russell’s age).


Only our children (both of them) would leave Cheerios and raisins on their plates and eat pickles instead!


Meredith loved these weights and carried them around much of the weekend.  Too funny!


Watching a movie on Saturday:


One of Russell’s favorite things was riding in Kacki’s convertible for the first time.  He mentioned it on the drive there, even though it had been months since he’d heard anything about her car.  He rode in it to a park, and he cried when he had to get out to play at the playground!


The two highlights for me: 1) getting to see my brother on Sunday – but of course I forgot to get pictures! and 2) going to a fabulous park that Kacki has talked about for a couple years now.  It was being redone but we finally got to go.

Riding the train around the park:



They had a blast riding in the kiddie boats.


On the carousel:


What a fun weekend!  We’ll be back soon!

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