Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Pinned and Netted

I seriously don’t know what people did before the Internet.  (I mean, okay, I was alive, but I wasn’t at the point of finding a job or decorating a house or entertaining children.)  I love Pinterest (probably a little too much) and recently found some uses for a few of my pins.

Russell made this snowflake painting for a devotional our family did.  The theme was “He has made us white as snow.”  And decorating with candy conversation hearts was another Pinterest idea!


Another Pinterest idea: learning/reviewing alphabet letters by using them as Matchbox car parking spaces.  I knew this was right up Russell’s alley, and he loved it!  (And this is the weird face I got when I asked him to smile!  This kid cracks me up!)


This is from the Internet in general, not Pinterest: I was looking up free printables to find a couple new decorations for our house, and happened upon two great ones.  The first is now hanging in our kitchen.  The second is on our mantle – perfect for Valentine’s Day coming up.





So that’s a little peek into our “pinned and netted” home!

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