Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Big 9-0

That’s right, 90!  My grandmother’s birthday was on Friday, and we celebrated in a big way on Saturday.  Some of my aunts, uncles, and cousins flew/drove into town and were here for much of the day Saturday.  In the afternoon, there was a drop-in party for Grandmother’s friends and family from 2-4 pm.  We made it for the latter part of that, after the kids’ naps.

I don’t think Russell and Meredith had ever met my cousin Brian before (who lives in Baltimore and also Florida, with his wife).  Brian was playing with his nephew Tyler and Meredith got in on it (and may have tried to take a few toys from Tyler…oh dear…)


Uncle Jon came in town!



Grandmother with Diana and Kelly:


Our little family went home for a bit to get the kids fed and for us to change into our nice clothes.  We had dinner reservations at Grandmother’s country club.  (It was the same room that my bridesmaid’s luncheon was held in.)  We left the kids at home with our favorite babysitter – great decision!  I’m sure they had more fun watching CARS, and we definitely had a more relaxing evening.

The whole group – we were missing a few family members, so it didn’t feel quite right, but we all had a great time:


The birthday girl with her ice cream cake – she had just turned a candle upside-down so it said 60 instead of 90 Smile


So glad we could celebrate such a special person!

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