Sunday, January 22, 2012


January is a month of getting back into routines, of cozy houses, of family time.  January has never been my favorite – a bit of a letdown after the holidays, and coldcoldcold…but we’ve been trying to make it fun by:

Reviewing our letters

We have a magnet set that we play with on a cookie sheet.  I print off pages from homeschool websites; the pages have white circles where you are supposed to put the magnets, which helps teach one-to-one correspondence.  Russell really enjoys “playing magnets.”


We also sometimes break out the Leapfrog alphabet set.  I make him tell me the name of each letter before he picks it up and puts it in.


Hosting “birthday parties”

I bought Russell a set of pretend cookies at Target for $2.  He has had a blast with them.  He tells me it’s his birthday, asks me to sing happy birthday to him, gives me a certain amount of cookies (“here, Mommy, have three cookies” – and he’s been giving me the right amount!), tells me they need to cook, that they’re too hot and need to cool off…he can spend 30 minutes just playing with these cookies!


Having Bathtub Fun

Meredith still just loves bath time.  We’ve been bathing the kids together for a while now and it’s a fun family activity.  She gets so excited when she hears the water running, and crawls into the bathroom to stand and watch Jason fill up the tub (while Russell does what we call his “naked baby run” around the house).


That’s just a bit of what we’ve been up to lately!

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