Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Well, we made it through 3 rounds of mastitis, 1 24-hour nursing strike, and a few bitings.

And with 16 days left until his birthday, Russell has decided to start weaning. The boy has always been on his own timetable!

It started about a week ago - sometimes he'll nurse and sometimes he just won't. He will, however, take breastmilk from a sippy cup. So as of today, I'm not going to fight him anymore; I'm just going to pump so hopefully he'll still have enough breastmilk for the next 2 weeks. Because seriously, why start formula when he'll just be on it for 2 weeks?

If I don't have enough milk, I may start him on some whole milk - still undecided on that as I know many doctors (Russell's pediatrician included) say you should wait until 1 year. (But really, is something magical going to happen in the next 16 days that will make whole milk suddenly beneficial?)

This is a big milestone for both of us, so I felt it was worthy of a blog-mention :) Hopefully all will go well!


  1. hey! go russell go! (i wouldn't worry about 16 days... :) ) have fun!

  2. we started milk at 11 mos. He'll be ok!