Friday, June 25, 2010

One is Fun :)

What a fun birthday Russell had! (Or at least I thought so!)

To start, he had a big boy breakfast: eggs and strawberries. (Two foods babies aren't supposed to have until one year old - although Russell had actually had both before.)


And now he's eating small pieces, with the pincer grasp!


Continuing with food, Russell had his first cup of whole milk today! (Yes, we made it to 1 year of only breastfeeding!)

My creation

Yeah, this was about the only sip he took - looks like we'll have to work into milk.

And what is a birthday if you don't have cake? Jason and I sang "happy birthday" to Russell and gave him a cupcake - he knew what to do this time :)

My creation

Russell also got to see both sets of grandparents today! He especially loved my parents' new dog, Bogie. From the time Bogie came in, Russell only had eyes for him. He kept saying, "" When he was allowed to pet him, he was very gentle. I was so impressed!



Then, Paw Paw and Kacki came over to give Russell his first birthday gift! Once he was able to see past the ribbon...


...he opened it and loved it!


By the time he got to bed, he didn't make a peep! He had a great first birthday. We can't wait for his party tomorrow!

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