Sunday, June 27, 2010

Party like it's your Birthday

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(all right, so it's edited, but you get the idea :))

We all had an awesome time at Russell's birthday "beach bash" at a local park shelter on Saturday!

After 2 good naps for the birthday boy, the party started at 3:30 was supposed to start at 3:30, but when the first guests arrived the birthday boy was not yet awake and balloons were still being blown up :) Oh well!

My creation

Once Russell got there, he had a great time. He was so good! I was warned that babies can be very crabby at their party (all the attention can get overwhelming), but he had lots of fun.

Russell is my grandmother's 4th great-grandson (no girls!)


A little QT with Mimi:


So many of Russell's little friends joined us at his party. We laid outdoor blankets and toys on the ground in the hopes that the crawlers would stay put (ha). At least in this pic, Parker (and Eliza in the foreground)are still on the blanket:


Jason's grandmother and dad:


And the singing! Russell was smiling and happy to hear "Happy Birthday" - I don't think he knew everyone was singing to him, but he liked it!

Do you think he's had too much sugar lately?


Family photo (with the cupcake):


Opening presents was great - he loved everything and didn't mind (too) much when a couple curious babies walked over to try out his new toys :)

He was fascinated by this singing birthday card!


Side note: I didn't get my first laptop until I was 18! Kids these days... ;)


What a fabulous party for a fabulous little boy! Russell, I can't say enough how much you are loved. So happy to be your mommy.

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