Monday, August 24, 2009

Uncle Jef

Russell has two uncles: my brothers, Jef and Jon. Uncle Jon had met Russell before - since he lives in Raleigh, it's a lot easier for him to visit. But Uncle Jef got lots of quality time with Russell this week, since he stayed in Atlanta with my parents the whole week!

I thought maybe I could talk Jef into changing a diaper or two, but no such luck - maybe by Christmas? I guess it's enough that Jef got comfortable holding him, seeing as I don't think he's ever really held a baby!

By the end of the week, Jef even picked Russell up when he was crying, and Russell calmed right down!

This is Jef and me before heading to Ted's Montana Grill Saturday night - don't we look nice in our matching Carolina blue? (Yes, there are a few other UNC alums in our family!)

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