Tuesday, April 28, 2009

"Homeless" Teacher

Yesterday was my last master's class! As my friend Erin put it, "We're teachers now - we're just homeless" (i.e. we don't have jobs). I guess I'll be a homeless teacher for the next year, then!

Last week, I was blessed enough to have 2 baby showers at school - one with teachers and student teachers, and one with my class. My sweet friend Sara organized the first and my class teacher organized the second. They were both wonderful! Here are some pictures from the teacher shower:

The cake was really good!

Russell will be one well-dressed little boy!

Student teachers being goofy - I will miss these girls!

No pictures from the students' shower, but I want to share some priceless cards that they wrote to me. Here are a couple of my favorites (I would scan them but I don't think you'd be able to see all the writing) - I kept all their spelling:

from H:
Everyone ♥s you
whith a babby in you house I hope you can sleep at night
Hugs and kisses and kinds of wishes

From T:
Rose are red
Vilit are blue
I know you love me
I love you too.
I love you very much Mrs. R. To the moon and back.

There are so many more, all so sweet. It was a very heartwarming/bittersweet day.


  1. Your students' cards are so sweet and truly heart felt! Love it! I can't believe Russell will be here in about a month and a half! I remember towards the end of my pregnancy feeling like I had been pregnant forever! But seeing it from the other side of the fence... everyone's pregnancy seem to go by so fast! Sorry we missed small group last night. We should have a babysitter next week. Have a wonderful week!!!

  2. I am so excited for you. That is so wonderful that you got to have 2 baby showers in one day and those kids are so sweet. I think that it's great that you are starting a family and having time to be with your little one. I think that every parent should have a year or longer off with their child if it is possible. You will be glad to not be starting your teaching career in the midst of this recession where so many changes will be taking place. God was looking out for you on that decision. I can't wait to see pictures of the little one when he is born.