Saturday, April 4, 2009

Doctor's Update

So, I realized that I never wrote about our doctor's appointment on Thursday - sorry about that! Several people have asked how he's doing now (thank you!) so I wanted to update you:

The doctor we saw a couple weeks ago (with the smaller measurement) was not our doctor, just another doctor in the practice. So on Thursday we saw our doctor, Dr. Richardson. She is so laid-back and really puts my fears at rest. She said that I am measuring a little small but that it's within the normal range (1ish cm too small), and I have definitely grown since the last appointment.

She also said that they normally do an ultrasound if it gets to 2-3 cm too small. However, she said that by the way I'm carrying, I would probably get to that point eventually, and to put me at ease, she went ahead and scheduled an ultrasound for Apr. 21. But she is convinced that everything is fine and that I'm just someone who carries a baby differently than "normal."

So, Jason and I are excited to be able to see baby Russell again soon :) His heart rate this time was 145-150, and she felt him kicking when she put the doppler on to listen to the heart. All in all, a good appointment!

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