Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine's Weekend Productivity

Jason and I did do a couple of romantic things this weekend: brunch on Saturday morning at Tex & Shirley's (YUM), sushi (don't worry - no raw fish for me) and a movie Saturday night. But mostly, we were very productive this weekend.

Exhibit A: Babies R Us registry! That's right, we went to Babies R Us yesterday and registered for 90% of our needs and wants for little Russell. I came very prepared: I had my Excel spreadsheet with all the necessary items categorized, and I had written the brands that had the best safety ratings and customer reviews. I had done tons of research and decided a few things like what kind of stroller we needed, etc. However, we were still at the store for four hours! Part of that was because I didn't know what sections of the store contained which items, so we had to look at each section and search our list to see if the item was there. Also, some of the brands I wanted weren't at our Babies R Us, so it took a while to figure that out and decide on a different brand. Regardless, we are happy that it's almost done.

Exhibit B: New space in our home (aka storing and tossing extraneous junk). Jason is really intent on doing a lot of spring cleaning and getting rid of things we don't need or no longer use, especially since we will need space for baby stuff. So for 2 hours yesterday, we looked in closets, storage spaces, and cabinets to organize what we have and throw away the junk. Jason said, "Just like Westover, we're making room for one more." Haha! (For those who don't know, this was our church's slogan while building the new sanctuary.)

Exhibit C: Clean house! Today, we spent a lot of time dusting, vacuuming, washing, etc, every inch of our house, as that has been sorely neglected over the past month or so. (I know, that's gross. My sincere apologies to anyone who has been here in the past month - it was bad.)

So that was our Valentine's weekend. It may not be for everyone, but it made us pretty happy!


  1. It sounds like a good weekend. Gary and I did some spring cleaning of our own this past weekend... not so romantic I know...but it still makes you feel good. I'm glad you made it through the daunting task of registering!!