Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Nursery Potential

Time is really slipping by, especially now that student teaching is in full swing. Today I realized that within the next few weeks, Jason and I need to 1) register for baby and 2) sign up for a childbirth class.

As for #1, Jason had the smart idea to start an Excel spreadsheet of things we will need to buy vs. things we will register for, so that as I think of something or look at reviews I can add it to the spreadsheet. Here are a few of the things I'm thinking about for the nursery:

Max Trend Lab crib bedding - the quilt isn't my favorite, but it seems like no one ever uses those anyway. I wouldn't get all of this stuff, just the bedding and possibly the valance.

Storkcraft Hoop Glider and Ottoman from Sears: This glider matches our crib and dresser color (natural wood), is inexpensive, and I've seen good reviews.

Speaking of crib and dresser, we did buy the set we looked at from CraigsList. It was a great deal, and true to Jason's nature, he talked the sellers down so we bought it at 20% off of their asking price. What a good negotiator!

I'll leave you with my priceless comment for the week, from a little third grade girl: "Mrs. R, you're getting fatter with Russell every day!" Haha. :)


  1. hi Jenn- I love the bedding ensemble! Very cute. I don't know how this company sells it, but I was pretty frustrated with how most did. (at least at Babies R' Us.) The whole set comes together, and you can't buy separately. (bumpers, sheet, quilt, dustruffle). I only wanted the sheets and bumper. Well, anyway, it's crazy expensive to get the whole set. Maybe this company does it separately. So, my point being, I bought the whole set with gift cards thinking, I'll never use this quilt. But I found a great use for it. Isaac spits up a lot and I don't like leaving him on the carpet to play (Also, b/c I just feel like the carpet is dirty). So I lay the quilt on the floor in his room for him to play on when we're upstairs. It's just the right size (not too big and bulky, yet enough room to roll around), I can wash it real easy, it looks matchy, matchy in his room, haha, it's easy to pack and take to a friend's house for him to play on and not mess up their carpet, and it serves a purpose. That's just my two cents, if you have to buy the whole set, at least it is useful. :) Happy registering!

  2. hey jennifer!
    yes, I never use the quilt either...and the bumper pads are still not in the crib. some people keep them in, the ped. said wait until he is completely rolling over. i am sure it is fine now, but i am cautious ;) yes, i agree with amy, the sets are crazy expense....but it all matches! who doesn't love a matching room!!! happy nursery planning - enjoy this time - he will be here before you know it!
    joy morgan

  3. Super cute bedding set! I agree with both comments! I actually did use the quilt a few times this winter. Casey's room always feels a few degrees colder than the rest of the house. Even though he was dressed in warm pajamas I stilled worried about him getting too chilly. I know they say not to cover the babies... but since he is so mobile he has no problem wiggling around the crib. The bumpers were a bit of a disappointment. By the time we got them in there it was time to take them back out again. When Casey started pulling up in his crib he would try to stand on the bumpers. I could just see him toppling over the side. Oh the endless things mommies get to worry about!