Monday, February 9, 2009

Birthday and No More Guest Room

Happy birthday to me :) Today is my 27th birthday, and the last without a little one. My biggest celebration was on Saturday, when much of my family came and we all went out to dinner at Solaris, a great little tapas restaurant downtown. I must say, my favorite part was definitely the fried pickles! (That's probably the first pregnant-lady-food-thing I've said!) I got many baby-related presents, including bibs, some baby clothes, and some maternity clothes. Thanks to all for the wonderful presents and company! Here are some pictures of Saturday's celebration:

Tonight, we are going out to dinner with our Bible study. In late February, Jason and I and another couple will be going to a play as a late bday celebration. So I get to stretch out my birthday over a few weeks!

Also, as you may have guessed from the title, our guest room is now officially baby's nursery. In our little two-bedroom condo, that second bedroom has been many things: first an office when Jason worked from home, then a guest bedroom, and now it is slowly becoming Russell's nursery. It is a work in progress, but the crib and dresser are in place. Now I just have to convince Jason to move the drums out. :)

And one last picture, for those who want a belly pic:

The language arts teacher I'm working with told me today: "I think you've finally popped!" I think so too!

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