Sunday, January 29, 2017

Short Drive to Family

Oh my, it's SO wonderful to live so close to family again! It takes 1.5ish hours to get to Jason's grandmother and aunts/uncles/cousins. That is nothing compared to what the kids are used to!

We visited this past weekend and the kids were excited to get late Christmas presents and to try Granny's Donuts (which is Paw Paw's favorite donut shop). We also got to go to a friend's gender reveal party, and we visited our old Westover Church (where the kids saw friends that they remembered :)). It was a lovely visit.

Daphne had no problems going to Nanny and sat in her lap to rock, read books, and look at her new doggy :) Nanny loved it!

The girls love Aunt Kim!

It was raining and the kids got a little crazy on Paw Paw.

Hoping to go back often!

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