Sunday, June 19, 2016


We went to Legoland Chicago as a family to celebrate Russell's birthday (a week early). It was a dream come true for him! He ran in so excitedly. The girls loved it too. It was perfect for their ages. I'm glad we had a coupon though - I wouldn't say it's worth the full admission price (to us anyway - but we always try not to pay full price!)

There is an awesome, detailed model of Chicago, with Soldier Field, the Bean, Navy Pier - all the major landmarks.

There were plenty of building stations!

Daphne loved it when I finally let her down in the uncrowded (and un-choking-hazarded) Duplo area.

There was a Jungle Expedition with swinging monkeys, crocodiles, and this tiger:

There was a water play area where you could design a Lego boat:

There was also a 4D Lego movie and 2 rides. We spent about 3.5 hours there. So glad we went! :)

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