Sunday, June 12, 2016


I didn't get too many pictures in Greensboro; I was really trying to soak in family time rather than getting out my camera. I probably should have tried to strike a better balance!

We went out to a new seafood restaurant with family on Friday night. We were there much longer than any family with lots of young children normally stays at a restaurant (2 hours or so) but all the kids did pretty well considering.

Russell was especially excited to see his second cousin Caedden; he loves babies.

We again stayed with our friends, the W family, who have a large basement (2 bedrooms, a bathroom, and a kitchen) that they use as a sort of guest house. Our kids love staying there because they love playing with Caroline, Evie, and Nathan!

On Saturday morning, we went walking with Pops and Mimi:

...and after the service and dinner on Saturday, we left a little before 5 am on Sunday morning. We're glad we went although obviously heartbroken for the occasion. It was nice to be with family, as always.

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