Monday, February 9, 2015

Creation Museum visit!

Rewinding back to the end of December, since the beginning of this year has gotten the best of me!

Right after Christmas, we took a 3-day weekend vacation to the Creation Museum in Kentucky.

The kids loved the hotel as much as anything! Here we are waiting for our complimentary breakfast (not a free continental, but a part of the hotel's package for those visiting the museum.)

On Saturday morning, we headed to the Creation Museum! I got this sweet picture of these two in front of a dinosaur exhibit.

Looking at a fake fossil dig:

Watching a show about creation:

Paige really liked the animal sculptures (a representation of life before the fall). Like most toddlers, it's very hard to get a picture of her not moving!

Animatronic Noah talking about building the ark:

Standing in front of more Noah exhibits - they had some really interesting info about the ark!

The kids' favorite exhibits, hands down, were the dinosaur models:

I didn't get any pictures of swimming in the hotel pool (another highlight), but I did get some cuddle in bed pictures :)

We had a nice, laid-back vacation!

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