Friday, May 30, 2014


Russell has started taking drum lessons on Saturdays through a contact we made at church. He had been twice (or maybe 3 times?) and loves it! He and Jason also practice during the week:


More neighborhood friends, Keaton and Eden, having ice cream with us last week:


Day date for me and Jason! My cousin’s team was in town, so we went to the Yankees vs White Sox game. We had a great time!



Our village has a small Memorial Day parade – perfect for the attention span of little ones. We met our neighbors there to watch it. These cuties were dressed in patriotic gear! (Pic was taken after the parade, in a different part of downtown.)


Just because she’s adorable:


Russell’s quiet time in the basement turned into naptime on the beanbag – rare these days!


Going to get the big camera back out next week! Smile

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