Wednesday, May 21, 2014

10 months old!


Paige is 10 months old! I could just scoop her up and snuggle her all day, every day – and I do for a good portion of every day Smile

Paige is getting at least one more tooth at the moment – the top-middle-right tooth. It has just barely broken through. There are two more (the two on either side of that one) that look very close to coming in also. This can account for some fussy days!

Paige is pulling up everywhere now, and cruising just a little. She is not climbing stairs yet, but she’s close. I’m having an internal argument about how many baby gates we should put up; since we have 2 staircases, we could feasibly put up 4 gates (top and bottom of each), but is it necessary? Currently, we have one up.


She is still putting most things in her mouth, and I end up sweeping a choking hazard out of her mouth about once a day: often mulch or small sticks (brought in on someone’s shoe), or a sticker, or a piece of food dropped by a big kid – one time a peanut – yikes! Hello, third child!

Speaking of eating, Paige is eating a lot of table food. She prefers it to baby food now. She has tried all sorts of things, and loves most of them! She is also nursing 4x/day, but 1-2 feedings are supplemented with a bottle. (I went through a lot of headache trying to keep my breast milk supply up with Meredith, and it only worked for about a month, so I’m consciously not worrying about it this time!)


Lastly, after 5 months of helmet-wearing, we now have a free baby head! We decided it was time for it to come off. Her head looks so much better than it did at 4-5 months old and we’re glad for all the helmet did!

Happy 10 months, Paigey girl!

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