Monday, April 7, 2014

Weekend Tourists

On Saturday, we visited a park called C antigny. It’s about 20 minutes from our house and there are a bunch of different things to do. We focused on the outdoor army tank park – with authentic, military-used tanks that visitors can now climb on – and the First D ivision Museum – a museum dedicated to army history from WWI to Desert Storm.

The kids loved the tanks – especially Russell and Jason. Winking smileI didn’t count how many there are (and I’m bad at estimating) but I know there were at least 20. We walked from the oldest tanks to the newest – the oldest being from about 1914, the newest from the 90s.





The museum was really interesting. It was made to look like you are actually in the war zones. It made the kids a little nervous at first, but by the end Russell had decided he wants to be in the army when he’s 18. (Add that to race car driver and drummer.)

World War I:



Omaha Beach:


Watching a movie about the Vietnam War (which was good and educational, but we moved on when we decided there was a bit too much violence for preschoolers):


It was a great history lesson for the kids!

There is also a playground with picnic tables on the property, so when we finished with the museum, we went to the park with our lunch box full of snacks so we could eat and get the wiggles out.

Our only cost was parking – a good use of $5 for a morning of fun!

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