Wednesday, February 5, 2014


Well, I’ve alluded to our busy-ness lately. And most of you already know this, but if you don’t: we’ve made a big move to Chicagoland (which is apparently the term for the greater Chicago area). Jason had an awesome new job opportunity that we couldn’t pass up! He began interviewing in September, thinking at that point that it would be a remote (work-from-home) position. In November it turned into an on-location position, which was then verbally offered in the middle of December, and the written contract was signed in the middle of January – just 2 weeks before his start date! Whew, we have been busy!

(First box packed – the kids were really excited to help Smile)


Jason did get a relocation lump sum, which didn’t cover all of our expenses, so we ended up packing most of the boxes ourselves. That was a piece of cake with 3 children to tend to Winking smile We probably packed 40% of everything the day before the movers came, which was a little stressful.

(Empty linen closet = new hiding place!)


Boxes were everywhere! The bottom right is a picture of a gift from Jason’s new company: a bottle of champagne and a Kindle Paper White.


In the midst of packing, of course, was saying “see you later” (not goodbye) to all of our wonderful friends and family in the area. SO MANY helped us with watching the kids while we packed, buying special snacks, stickers and games for them for the car rides, and throwing get-togethers for us. It really made an impact on us and made us feel special and loved.

Last homeschool co-op:


There was a pizza party at Heather’s house, which was the biggest gathering (and the only one at which I took pictures!) Heather had 30-some people at her house for a pizza dinner, sides, and desserts on Sunday, January 19. What a wonderful time we had!

Some of the dads watched the kids on the swingset outside. It was a little chilly (for NC; there is just no comparing it to Chicago):



Moms stayed inside Smile


Everyone came in after a while to socialize and eat.



Two of Russell’s favorite boys – I know he misses them!



I will miss watching the faces around this little table – saw sweet children eat here at least once a week at our homeschool co-op!


I should have gotten more pictures – I didn’t get photos of even half the guests! But I did have a great time; I guess I was too busy talking. Thank you, Heather, for having everyone over.

I have a lot of blog catching up to do – it will happen – in between unpacking and everything else that comes with moving!

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  1. Glad we could have ya'll over for the last farewell dinner! We are missing you guys already, but praying the best for you all!