Friday, November 1, 2013

Halloween 2013

We had a wonderful Halloween!

A few days before, Jason and Russell carved the pumpkin Russell had picked out at the pumpkin patch. (Yes, it took that long to get around to carving it – we have been very busy!) Meredith was not the least bit interested in carving, so it quickly became a father/son project.




On Halloween night, our shark, tiger, and Princess Sofia the First were very excited to go trick-or-treating! (Well, at least the shark and princess were – the tiger goes along with everything!)


Our first stop was at Grandmother’s house, where the kids scored candy from her and a couple of her neighbors.


It was really too dark to get any other pictures, but we walked around the best trick-or-treating street in our neighborhood (really, they close the street off for it!) The kids got plenty of candy. Russell ran along, chatting and happy, from house to house and probably could have gone all night. Meredith did half of the street and then decided she was too tired and rode in the double stroller the rest of the way. Paige was so sweet, of course; rode in the stroller the whole time, past her bedtime, with no complaints.

The girls and Jason headed home to bed, while Russell and I went to my friend Lisa’s house to eat some candy and sit by the fire pit.

Watching the fire:


Sweet one-year-old Joseph:


My boy!


Tonight – the night after Halloween – was our 5th annual playgroup Halloween party. I can’t even believe that! We ate pizza, talked, the kids played – it was a great time! The kids were all nice to each other and calm and obedient, and our Meredith wore her big girl undies the whole time (actually all day today) with no accidents! Things rarely go this smoothly, so all the parents were looking around at each other in amazement! Smile

Jamie and Callie:


Apparently Lily has wanted to dress as an angel for Halloween since this summer – so sweet!



The big girls asked to hold Paige – they were sweet and gentle with her!


What would I do without these ladies? Love you all!


Almost all the kids – missing 2 T children and the C family hadn’t arrived yet, but we wanted to take our shot at a group photo while we could!


Happy Halloween!

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