Monday, November 4, 2013

Fall Family Fun

We had my parents and my brother and his fam over on Saturday. It was a gorgeous weekend, so we got to walk in the park, and also just hang out at our house, watch football, drink coffee, etc. That makes it sound a lot more relaxing than a house with 4 kids 4 and under actually is Smile but we had a great time!

Pops and Mimi often come with “surprises,” as my kids call them. Meredith’s surprise was a combination high chair/baby carrier/swing for baby Charlie. Kitty has been in it also, of course.

Some assembly required.


Mimi loves babies. Paige loves to be held. It’s a perfect combo.


Russell’s surprise was roller skates! He LOVES them. My mom got them after seeing a picture of Russell pretending to use two of his ride-on cars as skates. 

He is so easy going; even when he falls, he just laughs.


Baby Charlie came with us in the stroller. Of course, Meredith didn’t last pushing her the whole time.



The skates didn’t last the whole time either, but he did skate a long time (for a 4 year old).



Love this – my mom and my girls! Apparently Bogie really wanted to be in the photo also.


At about noon, Paige actually got dressed! (Hey, it’s hard to get 2 kids dressed – you can pretty much forget it with all 3.) And Grandmother came over for a while.


Pretty girl!


Jon, Meghan, and Ella came over – yay!



Aunt Meghan played cars for a long while – the kids loved it.



We all went to Grandmother’s house for dinner. I didn’t bring my camera but I managed to capture a picture of all the cousins on my phone. (I guess rather than “all the cousins,” I should just say “my kids plus one!”)


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