Tuesday, September 17, 2013


Silly things our kids have said lately (and pictures that do not relate):

Russell (as I come in his room wearing a new shirt): “Mom, is that a dress or a blanket?” I guess he’s not into the chevron trend!


Meredith (upon seeing my hair half-up because I was cleaning and getting it out of my face): “Mom, did you know…that your hair looks…kind of crazy.”


At Hobby Lobby, both kids tell me: “Look, we found some Play-Doh!” Nope, not Play-Doh – definitely someone’s freshly-chewed gum. Thank goodness for hand sanitizer!


Russell, as we were discussing healthy snacks at the table: “Meredith, fruit snacks aren’t fruit. They aren’t healthy, just like brownies and cheese curls. If we ate them every day, we would get really fat, and our bodies would get big like a hippo!”


They crack us up all the time!

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