Thursday, September 19, 2013

First Dentist Appointment!

Russell and Meredith had their first dentist appointment on September 18! I scheduled it for 11 am, knowing I would need Jason to come on his lunch hour and help me with all 3 kids.

They were so excited to see their names at the top of the “new patient” chalkboard!


Everyone was enjoying the coloring and movie (The Incredibles) in the waiting room. Jason came in right as we were ready to go back and see the hygienists – good timing!

2/3 children enjoyed the rest of the appointment! Russell had a great time. He sat in the chair as asked, enjoyed the cleaning, and liked learning about the different instruments. And Paige was content to sit in her car seat.


Meredith is in a phase right now. We’ll just put it that way. Smile She and I went into the soundproof room where the hygienist somehow got a look at her teeth amidst the screaming and crying! She cheered up when she got to go play with this doll house after the cleaning was over.


I nursed Paige in the car while Jason and the kids saw the dentist. (Insert more crying from Meredith!) They both have healthy teeth, for which we are thankful!

On the way home, I asked them what they thought. “I had fun!” Russell exclaimed. “I cried a lot,” was Meredith’s recap. Both pretty accurate Smile Hopefully next time, they will both have fun!

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